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Web Mapping

Web mapping is a process of using maps delivered by geographic information systems (GIS) that can be used for interrogation and importantly, the analysis of data.

A web map on the World Wide Web is both served and consumed, making the process of web mapping much more than just web cartography. It is a service by which consumers may choose what the map will show, with an interactive website a deliverable tool. Web mapping brings the capability of both online and offline GIS.

PragSys works with clients who want to:

  • Create a complex, and bespoke web mapping capability with pre-determined requirements.
  • Add web mapping capability to an existing website, project or idea to focus on communication and promotion.

PragSys works with you to develop a mapping system to help you share data, undertake consultations and manage surveys in a new or existing website. Enabling data to be effectively and quickly published, web mapping is a powerful technique for promoting your work, collecting location specific information and sharing your findings.

Focused on providing the ‘where’, we reach this target by:

Showing/hiding information

Focusing on a specific geographic location

Using grid references, places and geographic features

Enhancing maps with information such as images and links

Complex spatial data analysis applications

Web Mapping - Pragsys
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